2016.11.19 - from Allison Bown

I declare that the atmosphere of heaven that has settled so beautifully in this room becomes a resident anointing of this house.  And for the people that walk through the doors of Josiah Center, that they will encounter a brilliance and a radiance that they’ve not imagined.  That they would encounter people who shine.  Father, I ask for divine encounters outside of the walls of this building, because this anointing isn’t made to stay in here.   It’s in us.  And as all the residents of this house, who are and who are coming, that it will travel with them and so people say, “Who are you?  And is there a place where I can encounter that too?”  Of course, yes, you’re talking to me.  You’ll be that place.  You’re that habitation.

Papa we call in those who are hungry to shine, who somewhere down inside believe that there’s a brilliance in them that has yet to be seen.  The Josephs that have every reason to believe it’s not possible.  That people’s your inheritance!  There the Josephs that every reason in their circumstances to believe it’s not possible but they’ve stayed and remained.  And you’re saying “No, dude, it’s you.  It’s you.

God is going to bring you those people who are in process that life had told them that they’re not brilliant and shiny but you know what…God is going to bring you those people that have done their process and gained a certain level of maturity, so that you are a house of fathers and mothers as well as reproducing those and raising up those that previously been broken and hurting and wounded…and restoring hope and healing the brokenhearted and giving the oil of joy instead of mourning.  You’re “both and” guys, you’re “both and”.  You’re a house of fathers and mothers and you’re an Isaiah 61 house of “insteads”.  You’re both…

….This is a place where the laser power of God can cut free.  And then we go out.  It’s like a breathing, oh that breathing in and out.  We breathe in together and we breathe out. We shine individually and then we corporately bring our light together and then we go out.  What does it look like that?  I think there’s a process of development that’s leading you in that direction.  Just have fun with that.  Enjoy it.  Love the learning…you’re going to be doing a lot of things for the first time….keep assessing without judgment…when you know your identity there’s no shame….everybody has their piece, just enjoy your piece…have fun with it, don’t make it all serious and intense…even when there’s warfare, some of the greatest warfare in the kingdom is rest, peace and joy…fill this house with laughter, laughter is acid to satan…have fun, laugh and shine.