2016.11.13 - from Jon and Jolene Hamill

Jolene Hamill

First, I want to share what I felt during Worship. There was a spirit of ascension that came up through me. I could barely stay in the chair because there is an ascending anointing in this place. It’s like my spirit wanted to go up and there is a comfort you’ve provided in this place where your spirit can soar. And the Lord showed me 2 scriptures: “So that the priest could not continue ministering because of the cloud for the glory of the Lord filled the house of God.” And the Lord’s been giving me a whole message on an uncorrupted priesthood that will carry the glory. And that is what is in this place. You are raising up uncorrupted priests that can carry glory! And the bottom-line is that spirit of ascension – then the Lord – and I know this is a tender topic – the Lord said it’s not a spirit of ascension only but it is a spirit of resurrection that you sowed into the ground your best.

And the resurrection was a seed and now the ascension is becoming a resurrection of people that are dead in their trespasses and sins; people who are dead in their addictions; people who it’s like their spirit has gone numb and has died this resurrection power is coming up to resurrect them from the place they’ve been. The Lord gave me that priests – it’s like I was holding their hands – they said pray in tongues – I’m like I won’t be able to minister and the Lord said that’s exactly my point.

I’m bringing ministers here – it’s like I came into this place tired and warn out but there was this resurrection thing that came and empowered me to stand up and do what it is. But the Lord – you’re going to watch full-time ministers come and the glory of God is going to be so strong in this place they aren’t going to be able to minister. And the Lord gave me 2nd Chronicles 5:14 which I just read but he also gave me 6:41 “Now therefore arise O’Lord God to your resting place.” The Lord is making this place His resting place. The Lord says, “The time of your visitation is here. You have labored and labored and labored and your time of visitation is here.” People are literally going to crawl to come into this place because the glory of God is going to be so strong. “You and the ark of your strength, let your priests, O Lord God be clothed with salvation and let your saints rejoice in the goodness of the Lord God.”

Have a good day!


Jon Hamill

…I felt that the Lord really spoke strongly to me that just as David brought the threshing floor and built the temple there that God is causing Minnesota, the threshing floor, to become an altar for His presence. And so within context of that 1 Samuel 22 chronicles the extraordinary adventure of Samuel and David and in 1 Samuel 22 David had just escaped from the hand of Saul. He was on the run and David departed and escaped to the cave of Adullam and when his brothers and all in his household heard of it they went down there to him and everyone who was in distressed and everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was discontented gathered to him and he became their leader. There were about 400 men. And this cave which is essentially south west of Jerusalem David had to escape the capital city and he ran to hide out in a cave, and when the people of the land heard that David had come thru there, the indebt, in distressed and discontented came to him and he became their leader. And those folks who were gathered at Adullam became the men of valor for their generation.

And I felt that very strongly that you who are gathered here you might have come in with some challenges, but God is literally releasing His presence and power – there is a passage of scripture in Micah 1:15 that talks about the glory of God coming to Adullam. Judgement comes to the entire rest of the nation but the glory of God comes to Adullam, a place of refuge. The word “Adullam” in Hebrew means “place of refuge.” And the glory of God was with David and because the glory of God was with David, the mentoring that David brought forth brought a complete turnaround in their own individual lives. They became the men of valor, the special ops forces if you will, that literally saved Israel time and time again. They experienced that anointing that same anointing that provoked David to confront Goliath, and take down the giant that had held all of Israel in captivity and paralysis. And that same spirit is upon you.

There is a Davidic divine anointing upon you to love God in extravagant worship but also to see this anointing of deliverance, this anointing of strength manifested. No limitations. No limitations on your own lives. And God is calling a special ops community here of in debt, discontented, broken people who are going to take this land over. There is no limit to the blessings, the wealth, the capacity that God wants to entrust to you. As you see His glory and as you move with Him, you’re experiencing personal turnarounds and transformations in the presence of God. And it’s going to transform Minnesota.

So the second word that I have is Zachariah 6…Jolene and I got an opportunity to meet with Pastor Dave and Pastor Julie and we were just sitting in back talking when all the sudden I had a vision. The vision is very atypical for us because I saw a vision of a tree and the tree just began to grow and expand exponentially…you know how long it takes for trees to grow, well this tree was growing so quickly every branch of that tree was growing so quickly, and it didn’t grow quickly in immaturity. It was strong and firm and it was blossoming almost immediately after it began to grow. And I felt that was another picture of what God is doing in each one of our lives and what he is doing in this church.

…And I am telling you that God is calling you forth and he is cultivating and you’re going to branch forth. God gave me Zachariah 6:11 “Take silver and gold and make an ornate crown and set it on the head on Joshua the son of Jozadak the high priest.” I’m not going to get into that although we could we will probably touch on this a little bit later of this crowning that God is bringing this year. “And say to David and Julie, “Thus says the Lord of Hosts, behold a man whose name is Branch. He will branch out from where he is and he will build the temple of the Lord.”

Now we spent most of Friday night prophesying about how the threshing floor is going to become an altar to the Lord and Minnesota is going to become a temple to the Lord. And I believe there is an apostolic calling on this Davidic couple to branch out and to build the altar of the Lord. To build the temple of the Lord in Minnesota. To restore the glory and to bring forth this company, this apostolic company that fulfills the potential and the destiny that God has ordained. So let’s just thank God for what He is doing here.

…So it may not seem to consequential right now but I just dropped a bomb in your midst. A Davidic company building the apostolic altar for the future of St. Paul and of Minnesota. With that I would like to thank you when we first discovered this altar of the Lord and the treasure that this altar is was on our prayer journey revival journey called the Glory Train. This is the first place God showed up before we even got here. We showed up to a place He was already dwelling. And what we received here set the entire course of the journey and I feel like it is only right now that we have come full circle.

…Is this a house of forerunners?...You’re called to prepare the way. You’re called to take the prophetic revelation that the Lord entrusts to you and pray it though and see it through until God brings forth what He desires. You’re not called to be an armchair quarterback. You’re called to be out on the field. Preparing the way. Winning the battle. You’re called to be special ops, special forces. You go in and nobody even knows you’re there. You blow things up and it’s really cool. You take down strongholds and rescue hostages and you come back out before anybody knows you’re there. And the glory belongs to Jesus and not you…David’s mighty men and mighty women of valor.

This Josiah Center is a place where heaven has vaved earth. You are spiritual revolutionaries called after the anointing and grace of David. You are one called to see heaven and earth joined together. I’ve been looking throughout Minnesota for this sense in the spirit and I didn’t really have a sense. We’ve talked about a lot of things but we didn’t sense that spirit of revolution until we walked through these doors.

Every revolution that is fought is not to take ground but to establish new government. And the revolution God is bringing is the apostolic governance, the kingdom governance to bear upon our nation. Every tongue and tribe and nation joined together with Him in the tent of David and being sent from the tent of David to conquer and actually attain victory.

…Daniel 7:22 became the basis of our whole Turnaround Tour. Daniel 7:22 God renders judgment in favor of the saints who are vaved into the earth. They’re persecuted and pushed down. This horn representing an antichrist spirit is waging war against them and overpowering them. Until the Ancenit of Days takes His seat and judgment is rendered in favor of the saints. These same broken saints become Jesus’ men of valor and they are released to possess the kingdom. That is turnaround. We knew that that word that came tangibly HERE in the midst of this Glory Train gathering was going to set the course for our entire year. Minnesota, the Threshing Floor, became the place of visitation that set the course for the rest of our Glory Train journey, the turnaround that God wanted to bring.

Isaiah 22 verse 23 says this “I’m going to drive him like a peg in a firm place. I’m going to drive him in and he’s going to become a throne of glory to his father’s house.” There’s a pegging in in 2016, but 2017 the window of God opens for us to together to become a throne of glory to our Father’s house. Where we see Him truly enthroned and ruling and reigning in our midst. Where the Threshing Floor becomes the altar of God, the altar of visitation, the altar of awakening. You might have felt like your life has been thrown up in the air, that’s what happens when you’re on a threshing floor. Everything that’s on the ground gets thrown up off of the ground, so that the seed can be separated from the chaff. But there comes a point where God says alright, “You’ve been threshed enough. And now it’s time for you to become a secure place, a place of safety.” I’m not talking about the house, I’m talking you. I’m going to drive you like a peg in a firm place. Many of you have been driven in THIS house like a peg in a firm place so your own lives can become a throne of glory. This is the symbol of this new year.

That’s why it was amazing to me…I remember there was some passage in the Bible about the branch…I saw a little tree that became this huge, massive tree. All of a sudden exponential growth, the tree branched out in every direction, every branch grew and became solid and began to bear fruit. That’s what I saw for you….I looked at Zechariah 6. It says, yeah you’re going to branch out David, you’re going to branch out Julie, you’re going to branch out congregation. You’re going to branch out in every direction this year!

But the first thing it says is: take a crown of silver and gold and crown the leaders of this movement. And I am here apostolically, governmentally, Karen. I am here, apostolically, governmentally, David and Julie, to say your crown has come. Your crown has come. It looks really good. You make that crown look good. Your crown has come this year. The crown of your earned authority is bearing witness of heaven to heaven and earth of the new level of favor, new level of blessing, new level of authority that He has entrusted to you--new level of GLORY that He has entrusted to you.

…I feel responsible to share with you a report on the Glory Train because you sowed into the Glory Train therefore we’ve been in this together. We prayed into the Glory Train together. We together experienced a visitation that set the course for the rest of the Glory Train from MN. As we came back here the Lord said the Threshing Floor has now become an altar of visitation. The glory of God is truly coming. And so, this isn’t our journey, like Jolene and my journey. This is our journey. Like us together. This is your journey. This isn’t our revolution. This is your revolution.

…But God is clearly conveying that a shaking has begun. I hope you’re hearing this…isn’t it something that God called [Minnesota] to be an altar of the Lord. You have shaken and shaken and shaken and the chaff has been shaken out and all of a sudden, God’s calling you an altar of the Lord as He’s calling the rest of the nation a threshing floor, a place of shaking.

…It’s a turnaround window. It’s a turnaround mantle for a turnaround window. And there is a revolutionary people….rising up right now to rebuild the altar of the Lord. And to cause the catalytic release of God’s end time harvest of the nations. Are you ready for this?

You have been uniquely positioned. Minnesota…while the rest of the nations are shaking and God’s prophesying about the shaking of the almond tree. Minnesota, you have been positioned. The altar that has shaken in the days gone by and the weeks and the years gone by. You’ve endured this shaking. You’ve endured this time of separating the wheat from the chaff. But now God is saying that He is establishing His altar on the threshing floor of your shaking. And you will become a throne of glory to your father’s house.

Prayer: We ask together God, that we become thrones of glory to our father’s house, personally and as a community. Come with streams of provision. I remind you this became the turning point for our entire Turnaround Tour, right here in this house. I ask that you favor your people just for that reason. Because that turnaround helped to save our nation, and release our nation into the turnaround that you called us into. I call you forth in the name of Jesus out of the season of threshing and into a new season of stability and strength and provision and glory, so as the nations shake—you have the answer.

I release the turnaround mantle of the Lord Jesus Christ for impossible situations that need a dramatic turnaround. It’s the year we’ve entered into it’s the literally new era we’ve entered into. It’s a turnaround year and I bless you with that grace and anointing for turnaround.