2016.04.xx - from Jim Rickard

[The Lord says]…I'm pushing back the demonic realms. I'm pushing back the strongholds that have held back the very dreams and visions that you have believed for in your life. This is a new day. A day like no other. I would say to you to remove every hindrance in your mind. Because many of the hindrances come in the strongholds of your mind. So my people open yourself for what I am going to do this weekend. Hallelujah!

…I believe it is going to be sustained in that there is an army of world class, there's that word, "world class", intercessors in this place. What He has been speaking to me is that the Lord's going to draw such an amazing grace and anointing for the intercessors [who] will commit to it. And there will be such excitement to gather for prayer. You'll see more happening in intercession many times than you'll see in the meeting. But that core of intercessors is going to be so powerful and so strong that the demonic strongholds will not be able to penetrate. Now I want to tell you, the enemy wants to break this up. He wants to stop this work. Because this is a breaker church for the new anointing that is coming upon this earth. Hallelujah! So, be encouraged. Learn all you can about intercession. Live it, breathe it and do it and activate it. And as you gather, there's going to be an excitement and anticipation. It won't be "many start and few finish," it will be, "many will cause many more to come".