River of Glory Outpouring Testimonies

Jody H - March 22, 2019: Thank you Pastor Dave for another powerful message last night. Turn it around resignated with me in a mighty way!!! Reminders of taking control of our thoughts was huge. I have been coming since December 16, 2017 and you have prayed over me for a few different things. Last night however was a breakthrough!

Two and a half years ago, my pelvic was pushed out of socket by a chiropractor. I missed many months of work, had difficulty sitting, standing, driving, walking, etc. I've had 15 months of physical therapy and much more. My pelvic gets put in place but it doesn't hold-- until now--

Last night, I came under the anointing, my right leg and hip (which is mostly affected) started shaking uncontrollably while the rest of me was in peace. I felt healing and when I stood up I felt straight, level and wonderful. Then, you prayed for someone watching online who had a mass in their pelvic area. While standing and agreeing in prayer, my right leg and hip started shaking uncontrollably again. My hope is that healing was passed through to the person watching online.

Today, I had a scheduled chiropractor appointment and I told him, most of the work was done last night by the holy spirit. He said, “I was straight and lined up!!!" Hallelujah !! Last week, was the first time I had 4 days in a row of my pelvic and sacrum holding in place. That is the longest that I have gone, since this happened. Then on Monday and Tuesday it was out again. When I came to the meeting, it was uncomfortable to stand and praise and to sit down. Today, I am still praying and claiming "Turn it around," I am not going back to the old way And this is a "SON SHINEY DAY"! My next prayer is for all the burning from nerve damage to cease. And I will pray and get my mind to Turn it around! Amen.

Thank you to Pastor Dave, Julie and sons, the Josiah center and staff, and all the diligent people who are being hands and feet to further our heavenly kingdom! Because of your faithfulness, I am one of many, who has had the priviledge to grow in Christ and in my faith and to receive healing physically and also healing from my mother who was a violent alcoholic when I grew up and is still bipolar, manic depressive and schizophrenic.

EM - Feb. 6, 2019: As a result of exposure to the healing presence of God at Josiah Center and further equipping on healing prayer, I’ve experienced complete Miracle healing or rapidized healing from:

  • Anxiety/performance spirit from judgements against me, freed completely

  • Out from under a spiritual attack on my purpose/Christ destiny- freed completely!!!

  • Burns on all 5 fingers from a 400° baking pan…healed 75%+ overnight and feeling Great!!!

  • And the most amazing- a badly sprained ankle, so bad I couldn’t walk on it, with swelling, visible bruise…excrutiating pain, Healed COMPLETELY in 25 min after asking God for a miracle!!

Sprained ankle happened Sunday night...from a fall walking down stairs. And as fast as it happened, it was totally gone!!!!!!!)If you want to. Wanted to share w you guys. I am AMAZED by my God every day. Shalom!!!!

Darbra B. - Jan. 30, 2019 “So thankful I didn’t have to head right home the next day but had another night at JC. It was at JC that my equilibrium was finally restored. During the altar Sunday night when I was praying and thinking of Friday night’s joy, singing, and blessing the baby, I said that wasn’t me but I want to be more like that. What I heard back is that yes, that is you - it’s who you really are, and it’s just the beginning. Then was more revelation related to my physical body and obesity and pain issues. Pastor was talking about veils being removed I had an image of me hanging onto the bottom of a hanging veil and that God couldn’t remove it while I was clinging to it. The veil was helping me hide. Again the hiding issue. Doug sure hit that one on the head. It keeps popping up. At the end of the night, I left JC in a good place.”

Tawanda J. - Jan. 29, 2019 “Thanks Julie I am learning so much through this ministry and how to here God's voice. This not the first time. Thank you and Pastor Dave for not giving up. You are a blessing to many.”