Healing Testimony on Letting Go of Regrets

Please describe your condition before your healing.

What was wrong? Last night the word came forth about regrets, how God wants to help us let go of them. Then we also need to enter into the rest of God. I've thought there are some regrets I've dealt with but not sure if I was completely free.

Please describe your condition after your healing. What did God do for you?

During prayer this morning I went through the most current regrets to as far back as I can remember. For each area God said, "I'm restoring your identity! I'm restoring your personality, I'm restoring your finances, I'm restoring your marriage. I'm restoring your children. I'm restoring all things!" Then, He showed me to let go of the old man and work on the new man. For we are the righteousness of God. The old Sonia is dead! Amen!

January 2017