The power of the testimony to change lives!

We care about sharing how people's lives are being filled with love, with truth, with joy abundant and with God's presence. Revelations 12:11 states, “we overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, the WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY and not loving our lives unto death.” There is power in the testimony. We believe that as you read or listen to the following testimonies you will be encouraged that God can and will do the same in your life. Testimony has the power to change your life and increase your faith.  Enjoy!

recent testimonies

"You prayed for me at a healing service. You asked if anyone in the area where I was sitting had problems with their throat or stomach. I had batters asaphagus. It’s pre cancer. I had abrasions in my asaphagus. You didn’t even really pray but you said the spirit of God was all over me and that I was healed and to make a appointment, because it was gone. I never did. I was kinda a skeptic. About a month later I had a appointment at the u of m. I have never been to the u of m clinic. I went because I received a Dr.’s notice but didn’t know why. I got there and they were wondering why I was there. I told them I received a Dr.’s notice so then they asked who my primary doctor was and I told them and they were like oh you have barrets asaphagus and its been 2 years since your last endoscopy. My doctor was at a Fairview clinic wich is in connection with the u of m. So a month later I had a endoscopy and it was all gone. They said not to quit my diet or sleeping with my bed elevated but as far as they could see it was all gone. Thank you for saying yes to God Dave." – B.F.

"I want to thank you both immensely. I am experiencing true freedom and joy today! I am recognizing lies more easily and realize that my eyes were veiled before and I couldn’t make sense of intense thoughts, emotions, and actions. Now, I know it was the enemy all along shooting his arrows at my entire family. I thought I was the only one, but God has revealed that the enemy has used the same lies for my family now and for generations past. It is truly exciting to see God destroy by the leading of the Holy Spirit darkness that has gone on for generations. Thank you so much for being obedient to the call of God on your lives to set the captives free!" – M.B.