Josiah Center is committed to intercession and prayer for the body of Christ throughout the world

(Refer to Josiah Center calendar for important dates.)

Prayer is the cornerstone to our relationship with Christ and our fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Prayer is an essential aspect of our Christian lifestyle. We are resolved to release revival through our commitment to pray and intercede for all involved in the Kingdom of God. We have four different intercession ministries:

Soaking Prayer

Soaking prayer is a time of quiet, contemplative prayer immersed in instrumental worship designed to bring each prayer into a place of true intimacy with God. This is a designated time to find true rest and peace. We have found that during this soaking time of prayer many learn to hear and recognize the voice of God in their life. There is great growth that happens and many are encouraged to experience the power found in these moments.

Night Watch

Night Watch is an all night prayer vigil with the goal to intercede and stand on the wall for the Kingdom of God in this time. Again, our desire is to unite intercessors across the Twin Cities for an all night prayer vigil with the heart to release the Kingdom of God into this city.

Territorial Intercession

Our goal with the territorial intercession is to equip and release intercessors anointed and trained in spiritual warfare. These intercessors are released to go out into the Twin Cities’ area and tear down demonic alters and strongholds. The idea of this ministry is to exercise the spiritual authority given to us through the blood of Jesus Christ and reclaim the land that has been lost to demonic forces. Territorial Intercession is pure warfare, utilizing prophetic intercession and deliverance training with a faith and confidence of dominion and love. We are excited about the land being reclaimed and the release of the Kingdom of Heaven into this city.

Harp and Bowl

Harp and Bowl follows the model established by the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. The goal is to intercede through declaration and song. Our desire is to unite intercessors across the Twin Cities to join for this evening of intercession and Holy Spirit fellowship.