Citywide Revival is a movement of evangelism that is committed to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to the streets and businesses of St. Paul and the metro area

(Refer to Josiah Center calendar for important dates.)

We have trained and anointed teams of evangelists that are organized and determined to bring the full Gospel of the Kingdom to a lost and broken generation. We believe in “power evangelism” which is the demonstration of the Word of God. We look for people who are desperate, hopeless and in need of a miracle and we pray. When individuals experience the love and goodness of God and their hearts are touched by the hope experienced in this power encounter they are then ready to repent and step into a lifestyle of Christianity.

Citywide Revival movement also has a strong discipleship model. The goal is to immediately disciple the ones converted and get them connected to their call and purpose in life. We are committed to not only saving the lost but equipping them so that they may live transformed lives.