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Christological Studies Pt. 2 w/Dr. Dale Sides

Did you know that all ancient civilizations read the stars?
Have you ever pondered the true meaning of these wondrous celestial bodies?
Have you ever wondered why we have a zodiac/Mazzaroth and what it is trying to show us?
Did you know that God and Jesus are involved in all the constellations?
Did you know that you can learn why you are here and how to fulfill your most authentic purpose in life?

Since learning about the prophecies of Jesus Christ in the stars through this course, I am so much more aware of God’s good intentions for us. I have now been living days where the Holy Spirit of God and His love are overwhelmingly pouring out on me! ~KC, Arlington VA

Christological Astronomy (CA) uncovered what God intended for me from the foundations of the world. I now see more clearly who the Lord created me to be and how I can best fulfill His purpose and destiny in me. Many of the areas revealed in CA I have already been serving in, but my CA profile also presented some latent potential that I can now begin to develop. My wife of 45 years reviewed my profile and said, “Yes, that is who you are for sure,” and a close friend said, “Wow, that sums you up very clearly.” Thank you for developing this wonderfully accurate tool. I only regret not having this revelation when I was

February 8–9, 2017

Wednesday 7–10p through Thursday 7–10p

Josiah Worship Center

1600 Gervais Ave, Suite 2, Maplewood MN 55109

No registration required. A love offering will be received. No childcare provided.
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Dr. Dale M. Sides, president of Liberating Ministries for Christ International (LMCI), is a Bible teacher and author with over 40 years of ministry experience. His heart is to help liberate and equip Christians to discover, pursue, and maximize their God-given potential and ministry. To find out more about Dr. Sides and LMCI, go to