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Foundations Class - Week 1

The Foundations class is for every new believer in Jesus Christ and is designed to establish a sound foundation in your life for growing to maturity. This class will unlock some of the mysteries of the Kingdom and equip you to establish stability in your new life.

The Foundations class will meet once a week for eight weeks beginning Wednesday May 4, 2016 Each week we will have approximately an hour of teaching followed by an hour of small group discussion and prayer. There will be five daily lessons/devotionals given out each week teaching  key principles of the King and His Kingdom.. Questions are provided with these daily lessons for the small group meetings.

Weekly topics include:

1.     The Origination, What is the “Church”

2.     The Elementary Principles – Hebrews 6

3.     The Character of God

4.     What is Covenant?

5.     The Nature of God

6.     The Work of the Holy Spirit

7.     The Authority of God’s Word

8.     What is?........ and “The King’s Greatest Secret”

This course will help you identify what God’s priorities are for you and de-mystify some of the strange language and terms we use in Christian circles that can be confusing. 

The foundations class will help develop deep soil in your life so the Word of the Kingdom will root and grow deep into your life. Matthew 13:10-23.


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